At The Positive Cleaning Company, we beleive that the most effective way to provide the customer, with the quality service demanded, is to follow the POSITIVE SYSTEM!


     PARTNERSHIP  The Positive System is to form working partnerships

                            with our suppliers, employees and most importantly

                            with our customers.


     ON SITE           The Positive System provides on-site experience for

                            all our personel, whatever their position within the



     SERVICE          The Positive System ensures that customer service

                            is maintained at all times through constant customer



     INVESTMENT    The Positive System is dedicated to a program of

                            continuous investment in the latest equipment and



     TRAINING        The Positive System provides for on going staff training

                            at every level in the very latest equipment and



     INDIVIDUAL     The Positive System is designed to be flexible and easily

                            tailored to the individual needs of every customer.


     VALUE              The Positive System recognises the need to provide not

                            only a quality service but a quality service at the right



     EVOLVING        The Positive System is not static. It is constantly being

                            monitored and adapted to meet the needs of an ever

                            changing world.



Find out what the Positive System can bring to your organisation today!

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